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Organic Hair Growth Milk

Organic Hair Growth Milk


Hair Growth Milk benefits include... 

*Hair growth.

*Damage repair (repairs from root to tip).

*Protects against future damage.

*Helps reduce dandruff and oily conditions.

*Helps clean/condition scalp and hair.

*Helps keep hair soft and silky. 

*Adds vitamins to hair.


Grains, Vitamin E and organic fruit peels


**Product made fresh to order! Product is perishable**

  • Disclaimer

    *Due to high demand, it is recommended that this product be purchased in quantities of two (2) at a time or ordered in advance to avoid long turnaround time.

    *To provide you with the best quality, this product is made fresh. In the event of stock shortages, please be advised that delivery of your order may be delayed.


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